Design & Engineering

We can engineer your clean energy future


As Australia’s corporate demand for clean energy increases, commercial solar projects are growing in size and complexity. With our expert design and engineering services, we can help you streamline even the most ambitious project.

In addition to our solar engineering support, we offer a range of electrical reviews and upgrades to deliver greater efficiency and additional financial savings.

Engineering for commercial solar

Our in-house electrical engineering team can accelerate your project’s development timeline while ensuring compliance with all network and government requirements. Within our services, we can coordinate the solar design and application process with your network operator, submit pre-commissioning schedules and technical compliance reports (TCRs), and lodge your final system commissioning and testing reports.

Electrical capacity upgrades and modifications

We can design, review, and submit electrical capacity modification applications to the network operator on your behalf. These upgrades often benefit larger facilities by improving electrical efficiency and safety while reducing costs.

Electrical reviews

We review your site’s electrical load conditions, prepare detailed reports, and make recommendations about whether you can benefit from additional capacity.

Meter network reviews

We assess your facility’s existing metering setup and identify any unmetered losses. We then recommend and design a more accurate metering structure with lower ongoing costs. In addition, we can review or design embedded network metering (also known as tenant metering), allowing you to aggregate your electricity buying power and unlock new revenue streams via the addition of solar PV.

Lifecycle reviews of electrical systems

We prepare recommendations for ten-year assessments and management plans to maintain the efficiency and safety of your facility’s major electrical systems.

To find out more about our professional design and engineering services, contact our team.