Net Zero and ESG Solutions

Australia is accelerating towards a net-zero future

We can make sure you don’t get left behind.

With the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, Australian businesses of all sizes are embracing cleaner forms of energy. If you’re looking to reduce your corporate carbon footprint, installing solar is one of the most practical and affordable ways to lower your Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions.

However, with Australia’s evolving legislative landscape, it’s critical to ensure your renewable investment also complies with federal net zero and ESG requirements.

For example, if you are an ASX-listed company or a supplier to one, you now need to have an official net-zero target in place. Additionally, if your annual turnover exceeds $100 million, you must regularly report your efforts to identify and eliminate modern slavery from your supply chain. If you are looking to install a commercial solar system, these are just a few factors you need to consider when selecting your installation partner and equipment brands.

Meeting these requirements can be complex and time-consuming, but Solar Suite can help. We offer a range of in-house consulting and energy efficiency services to help you define and progress towards ESG and net-zero targets. As one of Australia’s leading commercial installers, we have a clean track record across hundreds of projects and transparent ESG compliance throughout our supply chain.

As your trusted partner, Solar Suite can help you develop a roadmap to a net-zero future, and then prioritise the initiatives and investments needed to achieve your goals.

If you would like to explore our range of corporate solutions, contact our team for more information.